The 2016 PWN Awards | We Celebrate You
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About the PWN Awards

What they are…

The PWN Awards are exciting and unique because they are the combination of celebration and achievement,  pure light-hearted fun, and a touch of class! The pole and aerial community is filled with dedicated artists and athletes who deserve to be honored for honing their craft so diligently. Therefore, the this black-tie event will be preceded by a celebrity red carpet and be held at one of the most stunning venues in Los Angeles noted for classical theatrical performances, operas, musicals, and dance renditions.


The award categories are designed to create a unique energy and atmosphere of camaraderie, all within the spirit of fun. Though it may be impossible to acknowledge every single member of the pole and aerial community, each and every member is appreciated for their unique contributions.

Pole World News salutes all those artists and athletes!

The Venue

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

The first and largest theatre of the LA Music Center, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion was built in 1964 and designed by Welton Becket using a “total design” aesthetic. Everything from the building structure and engineering to its interior design — lighting fixtures, typography, carpeting, restaurant china and flatware — were designed by the firm for a unified and integrated look.

The interior of the main theatre is an elegant five story space draped in honey-toned onyx and features 78 crystal light fixtures including three stunning chandeliers each made from 24,000 individual pieces of hand-painted crystals from Munich.

We Celebrate You