The 2017 PWN Awards | Videos: 2015 PWN Awards
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Videos: 2015 PWN Awards

2015 PWN Awards: Felipe Mendoza’s Performance

Many agree Felipe stole the show!

2015 PWN “Male Performance Artist of the Year” Winner
2015 PWN “International Artist of the Year” Winner


2015 PWN Awards: Nicole ThePole’s Performance

My performance from the Pole Worlds News Awards 2015. I also won the Sensual Artistry Award this night so it was important that I convey sensuality in this performance and I’m happy to say I accomplished that goal.

2015 PWN “Sensual Artistry” Award Winner

2015 PWN Awards: Natasha Wang’s Performance

This routine is about patience of the heart. A woman waits for her love to return, but is tempted by the outside world, which doesn’t offer anything better, and only reaffirms her loneliness. -Natasha Wang

2015 PWN Inspirational Artist of the Year
2014 PWN Female Performance Artist of the Year
2014 PWN Inspirational Artist of the Year

2015 PWN Awards: Pink Puma’s Performance

She sure painted the stage Pink with this amazing performance!

2015 PWN “Picture Perfect” Winner

2015 PWN Awards: Infusion Remax Performance

Jacqueline Valdez and Jason Rex [Infusion Remax] make the perfect Pole/Opera duo!

2015 PWN Awards: BeSpun Performance

Bespun came with the fire during the 2015 PWN Awards!

2015 PWN Awards: Sheila Kelley S Factor Performance

As always, Sheila Kelley S Factor put on an absolutely beautiful performance!

2015 PWN Awards: InFit Performance

InFit studio put on an amazing aerial performance!

2015 PWN Awards: Jagged – A Contemporary Dance Company Performance

The ladies of Jagged absolutely wowed the audience!

2015 PWN Awards: Hoop Nasty Performance

You’ve heard “bring the fire?” Well she bought it… LITERALLY! Thanks for lighting up our stage Hoop Nasty!

2015 PWN Awards: The Full Ceremony

“Journey of an Eclectic Heart”

A Pole World News Tribute to Aerial and Pole Artists and Athletes.